All Progressive Congress (APC).

Nigeria 2015 Group

The Nigeria 2015 Group was formed during this campaign in the UK by APC UK chapter as a platform to allow non-party members who were sympathetic to our cause to air their views and voice their support for the APC and her leaders in the party’s effort to sell the party’s message of CHANGE to the people.

The party

The APC Party must be transformed into a more open, democratic, member-led party that’s ready to win elections.


Power and the ideas needed to solve local issues are rooted within our communities, with ordinary people and activists.


Nigeria is in desperate need of radical transformation. The ruling elites from all parts of the country seems to have lost links with the reality of living in Nigeria.

Who we are

We are a membership movement, open to everyone who is a social democrat and left leaning political values.

Affiliations: Worldwide

  • All Progressives Congress (APC), Nigeria.

  • National and International Social democratic, Welfarist and/or left leaning Political organisations and movements that may benefit our organisation and Nigeria.

Arise, O Compatriots

Are you passionate about good governance in Nigeria?
Can you do it? – beyond talking? If Yes. Then join us.

Latest News

    We aim to influence political and public thinking and provide a space for broad and open-minded debate. The N2015G is a place for open debate where disagreement is expected and respected. As an organisation we actively promote a thorough re-examination of Nigeria’s political system, structure and drive collective action for change for the common good.


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